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October astrology forecast

At the beginning of September we worked a lot on themes, like order, daily routine, health, then when Sun entered Libra, we began to turn to issues like balance, harmony and relationships, so that now in October after the Libra dominated first weeks of the month, we can at one point face the Scorpion aspects of life, decease, light and shadow, fears, inner transformation and release…

When talking about October and astrological transits, we have to underline the direct motion of Pluto, which started on October 3rd. Also, to emphasise, that planets, like Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury send negative aspects to Saturn and Pluto, and opposition to Uranus, the planet of freedom. These aspects greatly inlfluence the coming month with a tense, and more or less destabilizing energy that will keep challenging our inner balance. At the end of October Mercury starts its retrograde motion again (third time this year), which has to be underlined, as topics like communication, transport, our metal faculties could face unexpectable events, and more or less annoyance during this transit.

At the end of September, with the autumn equinox, we arrived at a point of the year, when we have to deal with the dynamics of light and dark, day and night. Nature draws us into this inner process. We need to turn towards the inside, away from the outside, if possible, and avoid flooding the outside world with our energies until spring.

As if we had to shut up a part of our soul into a drawer for months, that part of us that enjoyed mild weather, sunshine and warmth. Many years ago (when I had had no astrological knowledge yet), I did not understand why November could be so frustrating at times. Then, later I understood that winter is a perfect way to start turning towards ourselves, practice some silence and closure. It is a way of gathering strength, as well, strength to become a ’doer’ again when it turns mild and warm again in nature. Of course modern man cannot shut up all energies toward the outside world during autumn and winter months, we need to confront the outside every day. Still, it is very blessful to spend these months (like October) in silent contemplation.

October will not be a calm and eventless month, it seems, the transit above us though will help us practice more self inspection and research, outside events or conflicts will contain a great many inner teachings.

Modern 4 Cogs

Modern times (C. Chaplin)

When lamenting on this year’s energies, the picture of an escape room came up in my mind. You enter, and will have to find out how to escape, how to unlock locked doors and get free. A year a bit resembling an escape room of our fears and constraints. The great planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) stationed this April, and only started to go direct again from August-October.

We could say this happens every year, no big deal. This year is special in that Pluto and Saturn are in so close proximity in bare Capricorn that their teachings are more severe than usual. It is worth pondering about what happened with us in April this year, what kind of conflicts we faced, conflicts that brought unexceptional messages to us, events that paralysed us for a couple of moments. Mainly the following points are worth checking: where I experience restrictions in my life, where in my life I can sense manipulation, control problems, where I am in pain, where I feel tense, where I try and hide even from myself problems that need to be dealtwith, where I am inflexible, where I am strained by trying to adapt, thus incapable of representing myself, where I feel shadow in myself, or secret. Worth preparing a list of all these, and check when we encountered any of them in April, did we try to solve any of these problems? Or just ignored, and stepped forward… Retrograde periods are great for revision and preparation for new qualities in our lives.

It is only us that can get out of the constraints of our unsolved problems, from the escape room of our fears, and realize where the lock is, and when we find it, to use it at last and open the gate to freedom.

Exciting year… The Pluto having gone direct on October 3rd, the planet approaches Saturn day by day (exact conjunction in January 2020), that is, we feel more and more pressure on given life territory to change. If we resist, the same conflicts and fears might find us again and again with even more force and vehemence.

Those who have ivested much into self-knowledge and -improvement, dared face their own fears, and meet the unknown, and try new qualities, now, that the great planets are direct, can continue life on a higher level, and will feel change in their bones…

Self knowledge puts us on our knees and it is very necessary for love… (Mother Theresa)

Delays (so often used by us) do not work now… If we do not take steps forward, the universe will push us to do so….

This above though complies to the collective as well. In the last decades Nature has reminded us in all possible heart wrecking ways how life can deteriorate on Earth, if we do not change our attitudes and lifestyle. In the 1990s numerous reports were born stating that the present life quality of humanity will not disappear in a linear way, but through a row of unexpected events, which then will lead to a new way of living on Earth. As if no one had read these reports back then.

30 years have passed, and only partial steps were taken from humanity’s side to save our living planet. Saturn and Pluto this year are not idle… World is changing, outside events have great impact on our inner psyche, as we are following on our smart phones minute from minute how Planet Earth is giving up…

An escape room again, we could have had the lock that could have helped us escape, but besides Scandinavians, not many nations worked on a strategy to save the Earth. Thus, escape the room… Here, what is kind of shocking, that we do no have another planet at hand where we could move at the moment, we only have this planet to inhabit. If not perceiving this process on a physical level, but a higher one, then these processes help us reevaluate, replan our attitudes and change.

Pluto in the sign of Capricorn is quite an extremist, and alchemist, for him only black and white occurs, no grey… Pluto helps us in the transformation…


As this month will end up in Scorpion energies, probably October will also see some transformative global events as well.

But let’s see how October started? with a negative aspect between Venus and Pluto. In the coming days our fears can augment, related to our values, our relationships. We can meet conflicts of control. It is worth practising more distance from events, as we can easily slip into emotional ups and downs.

On October 3rd, as mentioned above, Pluto went direct. On this day Mercury also enters Scorpion. Its negative spect with Saturn and Pluto still can have influence on us. Pay more attention to communication and transport.

On October 4th Mars enters Libra, thus takes up some airy quality. If we feel that we have less focus and concentratrion, do not panic, Mars in Libra eradicate some of your focus and dedication. Later at the end of the month Mars will also send negative aspect to Saturn and Pluto, tense, vulcanic energies can disturb our autumn melancholy.

On October 7th Mercury will oppose Uranus. Causing some nervous situations. Please, be more attentive as not to react to all that happens outside.

Negative aspect of Sun and Saturn will be exact on this day, but we can feel its influence all week, and even later… Restrictions, rules, questions of order… As if someone would hold our ankles. Do not take this as a nuisance, but rather as a help to get back into your inner balance. Saturn is our backbone. Our support.

Venus enters Scorpion on October 8th, passion, extremes…, planet of love and beauty will make us more daring…

Venus-Uranus opposition on October 13th, partly liberating, partly tense aspect. Can run into situations where values opposing ours come by. We cannot avoid but face them.

Full Moon on October 13th, in the sign of Aries. Moon has an effect upon us. Let’s use it. Moon always have an impact on our intuitive side. Can show if our feelings (Moon) and our deeds (Sun) can comply with each other or not. Full Moon is a play of Sun and Moon.

Sun and Moon has a negative aspect on October 14th. If at other times we ignore heavy energies, in October this will be almost impossible, lots of drama, issues of control might arise. Sun will enter Scorpion on October 23rd, to take us deeper inside with the sign’s transformative energies.

October 21st, on Monday there will be a Venus-Neptune trine, which can colour the weekend before it as well. This aspect can navigate us from reality a bit. Worth organizing some programme to do with art, beauty and sprituality. On Sunday a Venus-Moon trine and a Venus-Saturn sextile will further elevate energies for this weekend.

As mentioned above on October 23rd Sun enters Scorpion. All month in one way or another will be related to Pluto and its transformative energies.

On October 28, New Moon in Scorpion… And Sun gets in opposition with Uranus, tension again…

As seen from the above, the personal planets send negative aspects to Saturn and and Pluto all month, with opposition to Uranus at times.

Worth treating our October with more openness towards change, because then, the above negative aspect will be our partners in transformation, not hindrance.

Like the needle of gramophone scratched the record, continually, and then resulted in music, tunes….
All our experiences, all scratches, all joy and pain is crucial on our road. Let’s leave it happen. Let’s use our intuition, so that by the end of the day, we could have a tune…
Let ourselves be an atmosphere, a colour, a song, the One, and one and only, and unrepeatable ourselves…


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